1. China and India in Africa

    November 13 2015

    The two Asian powers are rapidly stepping up their engagement in Africa.

  2. CRCC Asia - China Internship Program

    November 12 2015

    Are you interested in gaining international work experience and building your post-graduation career prospects? Consider doing an internship in China! During the month of November, CRCC Asia is running its annual Scholarship Program. The application is open until November 23rd 2015.

  3. Dr. Jonathan Choi (蔡冠深), Group Chairman of Sun Wah receives honorary degree from Univeristy of Alberta in HK

    October 23 2015

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  1. Immigration lawyer says Canada naive about China corruption cases

    June 02 2015

    Canada is naive in its response to corruption cases brought by China against Chinese expatriates and economic ties may be discouraging it from questioning Beijing's motives, a Canadian immigration lawyer said in an interview.

  2. Understanding the Impacts of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

    January 19 2015

    Since the adoption of the “go global” strategy in the early 2000s, China’s total outward foreign direct investment (FDI) stock has increased from US$30 billion to US$610 billion in 2014. The Economist estimates that the flow of Chinese outward investment will be US$264 billion in 2017 alone.

  3. Prime Minister Stephen Harper Commented on Chinese Investment in the Wake of His November Trip in China

    December 17 2014

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